Duties and Authorities of the Audit Committee (KA)

Based on the Undip Statute, article 1 number 6 states that: 

The Audit Committee is an MWA apparatus that carries out supervision in the non-academic field of Undip implementation.  

In Article 35 Paragraph (3), KA totals 5 (five) people consisting of the chairman, secretary and members. 

 KA members must have at least the following expertise: 

  1. financial recording and reporting;
  2. higher education governance;
  3. laws and regulations in the field of higher education; and / or
  4. management of state property. (Article 35 Paragraph (4))

In Article 36 Paragraph (1), KA is assigned to: 

  1. propose Undip’s internal audit policy to the MWA;
  2. supervise and / or supervise internal and external audit processes for Undip operations in the non-academic field;
  3. provide recommendations to the MWA to appoint an independent auditor;
  4. requesting and reviewing internal audit reports regularly;
  5. monitor the follow-up process of external audit reports;
  6. study, analyze and evaluate the use of Undip assets;
  7. conduct risk management analysis as a material for consideration for the MWA to supervise the utilization and development of Undip’s assets; and
  8. study and assess the results of internal and external audits to be submitted to the MWA.