Duties and Authorities of the Board of Trustees

Based on Government Regulation Number 52 of 2015 Undip Statute, the Board of Trustees, hereinafter abbreviated as MWA, is an Undip organ that establishes, provides considerations for the implementation of general policies, and carries out supervision in the non-academic field (Article 1, Number 3) 

In Article 29, the MWA is led by: 

  1. 1 (one) chairman; 
  2. 1 (one) deputy chairman; and 
  3. 1 (one) secretary. 

Based on Article 30, the MWA has the authority to: 

  1. Stipulating the MWA Regulation; 
  2. Establish Undip general policies and supervise their implementation; 
  3. Appoint and dismiss the Rector; 
  4. Appoint and dismiss KA members; 
  5. Appoint and dismiss honorary members of the MWA; 
  6. Legalizing the norms and benchmarks for Undip implementation; 
  7. Approve strategic plans, operational plans, and annual budgets; 
  8. Carry out general supervision and control over Undip non-academic management; 
  9. Ratify the master development plan proposed by the Rector; 
  10. Conduct an assessment of the performance of the Rector; 
  11. Make the highest decisions on problems that cannot be resolved by the Chancellor and SA; 
  12. Fostering networks with institutions and/or individuals outside Undip; 
  13. Provide consideration and supervise the framework of developing wealth and maintaining financial health; and 
  14. Together with the Chancellor prepare and submit an annual report to the Minister.